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Anders Kristensson -
"Portrait From an Unpopulated Country"

Throughout the nineties, Anders Kristensson has been absorbed in his "Portrait From an Unpopulated Country", an on-going series of color portraits showing the people who live in Sweden.

Kristensson studied anthropology at the University of Lund 1981-83 and later studied photography at the University of Gothenburg 1987-90. Thanks to the number of grants awarded to him, Kristensson has been able to travel widely in Sweden in order to develop the "Portrait From an Unpopulated Country". These trips, from his home town Malmö in southern Sweden, are usually made in his small car, crammed with photographic equipment, a generator, sleeping bag etc.

In most cases, Kristensson becomes familiar with the people he photographs. He spends time with them to learn more about their way of life. When Kristensson feels they are comfortable, he highlights them against their background.

Kristensson is much in demand as an exhibitor. In recent years his busy schedule has included contributions to two group shows at the Museum of Photography in Moderna Museet, Stockholm, and in Turin, Italy. Recent he has contributed to "Images ´95´ in Vevey, Switzerland, as well as other showings in Sweden and Denmark.

In recent magazine interview, Kristensson said: "Someone who looked at my pictures observed that the people in them appeared to be contemplating themselves. That, I thought, was rather fine."

» Contact Anders Kristensson, anders.key@telia.com

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