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Robert Blombäck

Work in progress, Pictures from Marrakesh
These panorama pictures are photographed in Marrakesh during a few days in Februari 1998. My source of inspiriation was the book of Elias Cannetti "The voices of Marrakesh", published in 1984. I am planning to return to take some more photgraphs and put together the material to an exibition.

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Robert Blombäck, freelance photographer.
Living in Stockholm, concentrating on longer reportages, books and exhibitions. He is a member of Bildhuset, a photographic archives.

E-mail: robert.blomback@sfoto.se

Separate exhibitions selection:
"Sverige, Sverige, fosterland"
Arbetets museum, Norrköping-97.
Sundsvalls museum-98.
Bildmuséet, Umeå.-98
Blekinge läns museum-98
Bildhuset, Sthlm. Galleri , Ö-vik.-97
"Guitarra Portugesa"
Galleri Tornhuset, Luleå.-89
Participated in collections in Sweden and Russia among others. His photographs are represented in Luleå kommun och Norrbottens Landsting.

"Sverige, Sverige, fosterland", Liber-95. (Chosed by Swedish bookart -96, nominated for the best photo-book -97). Text Gellert Tamas
Hakkors och Skinnskallar, LL-förlaget-98
"Open your eyes", a documentary 29 min för SVT.-97 with Gellert Tamas.
Working grant from Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond -84, -86, -93.
Working grant from Sveriges författarfond -95, -98
Grant from SIDA -90, -92.

Fotograf Robert Blombäck
De la Gardies väg 12,
134 40 Gustavsberg
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Studion: + 46 8 332 335
E-mail: robert.blomback@sfoto.se


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